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We are committed to providing you with the most reliable, relevant and up-to-date information on the coronavirus COVID-19 and myeloma as possible, that's why we created a new educational InfoWebinar series. Topics for the InfoWebinars have been carefully curated in response to your concerns as well as from some of the presentations originally scheduled for the National Conference. 

Past InfoWebinars

All InfoWebinars are taped and are available for viewing on our Myeloma Canada  YouTube channel.

  • Immunotherapy 101 for Myeloma (Basics for Patients) - View Recording 
  • Generic Drugs in Canada - View Recording
  • Myeloma Physiotherapy Consensus Recommendations: What Patients and Caregivers Need to Know - View Recording
  • Empowering Yourself on the Myeloma Journey - View Recording
  • Key Research Updates from the 2021 International Myeloma Workshop (IMW) - View Recording
  • CAR T-cell Therapy in Multiple Myeloma - View Recording
  • Oncology Drug Access Navigators - View Recording
  • About MGUS and Smouldering Multiple Myeloma - View Recording
  • Financial Matters Impacting Myeloma Patients - View Recording
  • Myeloma 101: Diagnosis & Treatment - View Recording
  • Waiting Room Revolution and Myeloma Canada presents: A sit down interview with Dr. Hira Mian - View Recording
  • Medical Cannabis in Clinical Oncology: Present & Future - View Recording
  • Latest Myeloma Research Updates from the ASH 2020 Meeting​ - View Recording
  • Update on COVID-19 and Myeloma in Canada - View Recording
  • Myeloma Monitor: Learn How to Organize, Track & Manage Your Myeloma - View Recording
  • Oncology Rehabilitation Program Kinatex Sports Physio - View Recording
  • Jim's Story of Self advocacy, Living With Myeloma for 28 Years - View Recording 
  • Impact of Dietary , Metabolic , and Microbiome related Factors on Plasma Cell Disorders - View Recording